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Complete, customizable and made to fit in your budget. Professional cleaning and housekeeping services designed to impress your guests, improve your ratings and get you more bookings and profit.  

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Why Prowise Cleaning ?

Hospitality & Airbnb cleaning in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast

What better way to increase a hospitality business’ booking ratio if not through good ratings and reviews? Efficient Hotel and Airbnb cleaning represents a game changing factor towards this goal and also our number one priority when designing our services.   

From cleaning hotel rooms, Airbnb apartments, specialized accommodations, reception, common and service areas to amenities supplies and linen services, we put all the effort into providing the best hospitality cleaners and customer service. A complete and customizable service to fit in your budget, cycling cleaning tasks to achieve cost efficiency. Never a no show or skipped cleanings, we have a large team of professionals to back up any eventual unavailability from your regular cleaners. 

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How we work

Improving your Ratings

The hospitality and Airbnb industry is all about providing the guests with an amazing experience to consequently get the best ratings for your business. And what better way to achieve this if not greeting them with a fresh and clean apartment or guest room?

This is our number one priority, be a company you can count on and help you to significantly improve your ratings. We invest in training, capacitation and supervision to make our team the best hospitality cleaners in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. From general Airbnb cleaning to customized hotel cleaning, we are prepared and have the right experience to keep your reputation on the top.

Budget Efficiency

We also understand that your business needs to profit. Every solution we created is designed to provide hotel & Airbnb cleaning to fit in your budget. 

To achieve this and still deliver high quality services, we focus on a cyclic cleaning approach, being able to do all the bits and pieces necessary to maintain your facility, always up to date with the cleaning and still charge a competitive rate. It means we do all the standard tasks plus some extras on each visit, such as dusting fan tops, cleaning window tracks, inside cabinets and drawers, light fittings or detailing balconies and decks. You can also book a deep or spring cleaning from time to time to go that extra mile and keep standards even higher.

Complete & Customizable Service

Every hospitality business has its own special way of treating the guests and differentiating itself from the crowd, we understand it and have got you covered. From damages and smokers reports, to amenities supply and laundry services, we offer a wide range of extras so you can focus on marketing your business.

For every client we develop a personalized profile and tailored check-list to make sure all the details you spent time and carefully decided on is done correctly and your guest will get that wow first impression, as soon as they arrive.

Beyond the guest rooms, we can also service kitchens, gym and sports facilities, receptions, staff rooms and other common areas.

What not to expect

A spring or extremely detailed cleaning on every session. The service needs to fit in your budget and money wise it is not beneficial to over allocate resources when our regular service already offers high quality cleaning. You can separately book a catch-up or spring cleaning on the frequency you want.

Unlimited further customization for free. Describing all the unique characteristics of the service expected from us when requesting the quote as much as possible is essential to get it right from the beginning. Everything takes time to be done and someone will have to be paid to carry out the tasks, so bear in mind that over customization will affect the rates.

Direct authority over the cleaners. We are a cleaning company, not a cleaners agency, every change to be made towards the service must be requested to our customer service team. They are instructed to neither carry out extra services without authorization from the supervisors nor receive any payment directly from the client.

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