a new standard of
cleaning services 

Why we started a professional cleaning company

No, we will not tell you that we have created this company and entered one of the most high-competitive industries to give it higher standards because we’ve had a bad experience when booking a cleaner in the past. Achieving this demands a much stronger motivation.

The desire to make things better and truly contribute to the community came long before the point in time where we decided to do this through cleaning services, the ambition of delivering more clean, safe and welcoming homes and workplaces, comes from the belief that the only way to make the world a better place to live is if every man and women give their best to whichever goals they set for life.

And this is what we are proud to dedicate all of our effort and brains to, having the right attitude and willingness to conduct business in the most professional way. 

the stars of the show 

 How to win a race if not with the help of every player in the team ?

To join Prowise’s team every person needs to share the same values and enthusiasm to do things right and serve the next with good work practices.
We put a lot of effort behind the scenes to make it happen, our staff is well looked after. We provide extensive training, cleaning workshops, live support, and fair rates.

Through this service, the cleaners are able to afford their studies, expending, and the path to a brighter future. We value their work, they value their job and it results in a better service for you.